Who will win the Democratic Party nomination for the US presidential election? (update)

There’s a little more reason to think that HRC might struggle in Nevada[1]. But note that Nevada (80% white) is racially somewhat similar to New Hampshire (96% white)[2], and Sanders has been doing disproportionately well with white voters (or disproportionately poorly white non-white voters, if you like)[3]. So his movement in Nevada might not have far reaching implications for other states that are less heavily white.

Fun fact: The whitest states in the union are Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, West Virginia, Iowa, Wyoming, Idaho, Montana, Kentucky, and North Dakota[4]. In each, the percentage of the population who identify as white is over 90%. But there won’t be a primary in any of these states until March 1 (in Vermont, which I assume is already in the bag for its beloved senator). Maine follows 5 days later, but by then more diverse states like Georgia and (my own home of) Louisiana will be in the mix[5].

  • 84% Hillary Clinton
  • 16% Bernie Sanders



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