Who will win the Democratic Party nomination for the US presidential election? (update)

HRC is performing more or less as predicted, especially with African-American voters of whom she, for example, won 84% in Virginia. HRC’s current soft delegate count is 962. Moreover, her hard delegate count is 467. Bernie is at 378 soft and 232 hard, with 2,382 needed to nominate[2]. I think it’s safe to say that only a very significant event would bring Bernie back into the race in any way. That’s not impossible, but it’s damn unlikely.

  • 94% Hillary Clinton
  • 6% Bernie Sanders

[1] http://www.nbcnews.com/meet-the-press/super-tuesday-how-white-working-class-voters-blacks-made-difference-n529856

[2] http://www.thegreenpapers.com/


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