Will Montenegro become a NATO member in 2016? (update)

“Montenegro [expects] to become the 29th member of the Alliance this year” (i.e. 2016) according to one source[1]. However, the article provides no evidence for this claim, and is mostly concerned with another question – namely, whether or not Georgia will ever become part of NATO. Still, I think it’s worth mentioning this only because it suggests there’s still a healthy difference of opinion among people who are (or ought to be) well informed about this question. This question is rather different from a lot of the GJ questions I’ve given some thought over the last few months. Here it’s not so much a matter of how do I analyze and weigh all of the data that I have; it’s a question of what don’t I know yet, and how might I shed some of my ignorance.

[1] http://www.europeanleadershipnetwork.org/georgia-and-nato-perpetual-threshold-_3741.html


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